"For by Him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities-all things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together."               -Colossians 1:16-17

When you look at the universe and begin to take note of every detail, so ornate and so beautifully precise, it strikes an awe from deep within your spirit. You can't help but think, "there is an amazing creator that has placed all of this into motion." How is the universe in which we live so greatly diverse, yet it all works together? Every entity of life, from the massive galaxies and planets, to the smallest atoms of life are so widely diverse, but cannot survive without one another. The amazing and awe inspiring things of this world were all created by a loving, awesome God that has precisely crafted each of us, just like He has crafted the entire universe. While we take a step back and meditate on the creation of God, we begin to realize that it all reflects back to Him. In our spirit, we can not help but take notice and recognize the creative genius behind it all...something way beyond the human mind. It all reflects back to the ultimate creator, one that is so grand and beyond anything we can fathom. But still yet, all of creation comes forth in its diversity to come together and make this beautiful picture of a loving, creative, amazing, awe inspiring God that loves us! Every color, every spot, every line and detail. Every nation, every face, every race, every bird of the air, every creature of the land and sea tells the story of this "King of Diversity." A king that rules with love and justice. A king that is so detail oriented beyond what we can imagine. A king that tells the story of diverse harmony so flawlessly that leaves you knowing He is so powerful beyond what you could ever dream or imagine. This is the king I hoped  to share the story of through my painting. The "King of Diversity" was birthed out of my awe of God in His ability to create. While in school studying Biology, it was impossible to not see the thumbprint of God in all I read. Just simply amazing how everything in this world and universe works so flawlessly together. How it all comes together to paint this beautiful picture of God's power and ability. With this painting, I wanted to make it all so diverse. In the colors, patterns, and every intricate detail, but show how all those things come together to create a beautiful picture, just like in life around us. With the lion representing Jesus, showing how all the details reflect back to Him, showing His glory and face. I hope this painting represents to you what it does for me; a diverse world of creation that works together in perfect harmony to reflect back to the glory of God! So I challenge you all to begin to take notice of the amazing creation all around you. Knowing that the God that created it all, created you perfectly to fit into the perfect "you shaped spot" in His beautiful picture of creation! 

-Chloe Bennett

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