"At once I was in the Spirit, and behold, a throne stood in heaven, with one seated on the throne." -Revelation 4:2

It's not everyday that you get a phone call and someone is asking you to draw the Throne Room of God! Entrusting you to bring to life the visions and experiences of the Throne Room they encountered. As if this weren't a huge enough task, it was requested to be drawn as the book cover for the book that was written by Cheryl Salem about this heavenly download and revelation! "Wow, what a huge responsibility and honor to even be considered!", were some of the first thoughts to flood my brain. This was a responsibility way beyond my abilities, and I knew I would have to be fully reliant on God. I was asked to read the book "Tones of The Throne", on which the drawing is featured, and also to read the accounts of Ezekiel and John on their Throne Room experiences! What a journey it was! Pressing in everyday, fully trusting God and making my request known to Him, to reveal to me a "glimpse of the Throne". I read over and over and over again, patiently waiting to have my Throne Room moment, trusting and believing in God for it to come! As I was simply sketching one afternoon, trying to think up ideas and desperately wanting to get this right, the moment came! In just a flash, it quickly came and went, God gave me my glimpse! Just enough to portray this incredible Throne on which He is seated! After days of reading and seeking, I had my glimpse and was ready to begin the journey of this drawing! Normally it takes me on average anywhere from 2-5 days to complete a drawing, but with this one it was much longer. The research and reading, the study of how sound waves move, the prayer, and drawing process took me about 2-3 weeks to complete! I wanted to handle this drawing as much more than a charcoal on paper, because it is so much more than that! It was a huge responsibility that God had chosen me to fulfill! The pressure I felt to do this correctly was much greater than any pressure I have ever felt. But, this drawing taught me much more about trusting God than I could have ever imagined. Countless hours of meticulous work were put in, and each one was well worth the time! I named this drawing "Glimpse of The Throne" because that is exactly what it is! The columns represent the Throne on which He is seated and the robe is a visual of His train filling the temple. His face is hidden from the waist up due to the brightness of His shining glory all around. The upward spiral represents the sound waves of the constant praises surrounding His Throne, continually rising higher and higher without ceasing! I hope that when you look at this drawing, you also have the realization of just how big and awesome God is! How His beauty is beyond what we can ever dream to attain! Look at this drawing as much more than a picture, but see it as a visual of our amazing God on His Throne! 

-Chloe Bennett

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